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The language course Learning Frisian home study 

Welcome to the Afûk. Learning to understand, read, speak or write the Frisian language; we will be happy to assist you. 

You will be able to learn the Frisian language by following the coursebook and listen to the audio that’s available on eduFrysk.

In the coursebook you’ll find 10 lessens for eventually being able to read and understand the language. You’ll learn thousand Frisian words by following this course.  If you’re interested in following this course you can pre-order the home study.

eduFrysk is the online learning platform for the Frisian language. On eduFrysk you’ll find lots of audio, texts, songs, fideo’s and interactive exercises and educational games.

A preview of the first lesson will be available within the coming weeks.


Learning Frisian for € 45,00

Coursebook ‘Learning Frisian': € 20,00

eduFrysk: € 25,00 (1 year subscription)

Shipping costs can vary within Europa/outside Europe: from € 9,00 – max. € 15,00.

Sending/Delivery in the Netherlands: € 4,50.

Between the 1st – 15th of Oktober you’ll receive the package.

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Do you want to take part in the home study course ‘Learning Frisian’, send an email to: l.kuiper@afuk.nl, with the following information:




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Send a message to Lineke Kuiper, l.kuiper@afuk.nl or call: + 31 (0)58-234 30 79.